Salisbury Beach Home Loan Refinance Guidance

Homeowners should think about refinancing while mortgage rates are low. Refinancing involves some up-front fees but can lead to reduced monthly payments. It can take place with the existing mortgage company that holds a mortgage or a completely different bank. The following you will find Salisbury … [Read more...]

Salisbury Ok’s Pursing Housing Law Changed

An article about Salisbury's Affordable Housing Issues was written by The Newburyport News Online on 10/23/12  This article discusses the need to protect the town of Salisbury from developers using Chapter 40B to get projects approved.  40B housing projects can ignore the town’s zoning regulations … [Read more...]

Salisbury MA Wood Flooring Services

Salisbury MA Wood Flooring services.  Looking to update your home?  How about new wood floors?  They provide all types of wood flooring material for any construction projects, large, small, residential and commercial, along with services for installations and refinishing of wood floors. Benefits of … [Read more...]

Improving Energy Efficiency For Salisbury MA Homes

An energy audit can help pinpoint changes that increase the efficiency of your residence. If your home was built more than 5 years ago, you should consider an energy audit. Below is basic information on improving energy efficiency for Salisbury MA homes. Energy Audit Details An Energy Audit reviews … [Read more...]

Selecting Second Homes In Salisbury MA

There are many things to consider when selecting second homes. These include location, finances, and renting. The selecting second homes in Salisbury MA below may be helpful as you start the process. Considerations for Salisbury MA Second Homes Home Amenities With second homes, the appeal of the … [Read more...]