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My clients come first.  Always.  I always try to do what’s best for you, even if that means recommending that you not buy a certain house, or even not buy a house at all right now!   I like people, houses, architecture and land, so I love my calling.   The only thing I’m selling is my service; it is not my job to sell you a house!  Finding the right home and negotiating a good deal for everyone can be stressful, and working with an agent you like and can trust makes all the difference in the world.

Helping You Buy The Right Home

I love representing Buyers.  Buyer Agency requires specific talents, and selling is not one of them.  Let me use my considerable experience and skills to your benefit.  The Listing Agent will share their commission with me so I can be compensated at no expense to you.  Should you contact the Listing Agent directly?  No.  If you do, you will lose your right to have them pay a Buyer Agent to work to for you.  A Listing Agents focus is selling the house.  A Buyer’s Agents focus is the buyer’s needs and best interests.  If you do have a home to sell, I have several great Listing Agents on my team.

You needn’t worry that by contacting me you will be harassed or pressured.  After all, you are only looking for information.  I won’t try to sell you a house!

Lots of people come to me long before they are actually ready to buy.  That is a great thing to do; buying a home should take a lot of forethought and planning.  Let me give you the information and guidance you need.

Selling Your Home

Do you really want to sell your home?  A lot of people seem ambivalent about it when they list their house.   They say, “If I can get $X, I’ll sell my house.”   The approach needs to be, “What is the market willing to pay for my house and am I willing to sell it for that?”  What you paid for your house and what you have invested in it has no bearing on what someone else is willing to pay for it now.

The most common approach used by Realtors to establishing a home’s value is a computer-generated Comparative Market Analysis.  In this they give a standard value to features such as bathrooms, square footage, garages, etc.   In the end, they will play with certain values if the formula doesn’t seem to give the value they think the house should have.   Since I became a Realtor, I have not liked the CMA system.   After I meet with you and go through your home, I’ll send you other comparable homes that have sold very recently in your area.  We’ll get together and review them, drive by them, and I’ll ask you to justify a value for your home based upon what you’ve seen.   You’ll understand much better what people are buying.

Like you will as a buyer, people look at homes online.  We need to present the home accurately, honestly and appropriately to attract the right people.  We need to get your home out there and with as much online exposure as possible – something my company excels at.

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I’ve worked in Real Estate for over 12 years

I’ve worked in real estate for over 12 years.  I’ve planned communities, designed and built homes, and represented countless buyers in their quest for the best home for their needs.   I work with top notch professionals to help you plan your financing, inspect your prospective purchase and protect your legal interests.  Reviews on Zillow are from true clients.

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